This book is the story of how I came to awaken spiritually while I was sick with IC and as I was healing from IC. It's about how I learned to use the fact that the mind, body and spirit are connected in order to help me heal and how I came to understand the question that I think we all come to ask. Why me? Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? If God is up there, why is He allowing all this to happen to me? Why does it seem like He is not hearing my prayers or helping me? Uncovering the answers to these questions (and more) was all a part of my healing and became a part of this book. This book also includes a discussion of physical connections with IC that have not been previously addressed elsewhere. If you experience anxiety and/or feel there is a hormone connection with your IC, this book is especially for you. Actually, this book is for anyone who has IC and has ever wondered why they have it, for anyone who has ever asked, "Why me?" . I hope this book helps you to answer that question.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Here I Sit

Chapter 2 - This Isn't Me

Chapter 3 - It's Not Our Fault

Chapter 4 - Choices

Chapter 5 - The Mysteries of IC

Chapter 6 - Listening to the IC Body

Chapter 7 - Miracles and Messages

Chapter 8 - Finding Balance

Chapter 9 - It's All Connected

Chapter 10 - Why me?

Chapter 11 - Healing the IC Body, Mind, and Spirit

Chapter 12 - The Spiritual Message of IC




Music by Enya

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