This book is in many ways an answer to the most common questions people have asked since To Wake In Tears was published in November of 1998. Along the Healing Path includes a discussion of IC from a holistic perspective, more specific information on herbs, natural products, and alternative treatments, a special section on vitamins and minerals, as well as many helpful tips for those looking for a more natural approach to treating their IC. This book also contains a discussion of the many reasons why alternative treatments may not have worked for you in the past, common problems people run into, and more information on how to go about developing a healing plan of your own.



Table of Contents

Section 1 - A Healing Path
(Includes a discussion of IC from a holistic perspective with a special section called "The Stress Connection".)

Section 2 - Steps Along the Path
(Includes steps to help you develop a healing plan of your own.)

Section 3 - Stones Along the Path
(Includes a discussion of why alternative treatments may not have worked for you in the past and outlines several things to be careful of when taking a natural approach to healing from IC.)

Section 4 - Herbs and IC
(Includes discussion of 20 different herbs with information on what each herb does, why it is (or isn't) a good herb for IC patients, how to use it, what it contains in terms of vitamins and minerals, and of course, cautions. There is also a list of herbs to avoid if you have IC and a breakdown of herbs in various categories.)

Section 5 - Other Natural Products
(Includes a discussion of essential oils and various natural products. (those that are helpful in healing from IC and those that should be used with caution), as well as a special section on vitamins, minerals, and IC.)

Section 6 - Charts and Things
(Includes discussion of several different alternative treatments including acupressure, reflexology, meditation, skin brushing, NAET, and massage. It includes suggestions on how to take various healing baths, how to use acupressure in healing and a Quick Reference Chart which includes herbs, natural products, vitamins/minerals, and alternative/natural treatments to help with various IC and IC related symptoms.)

Section 7 - Things to Remember
(Includes things to remember along your healing path.)

Endnotes and References

Appendix - Candida Questionnaire


Along the Healing Path

Music by Enya

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